Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Differentiating between a beehive and a honeycomb.


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Dear Foreros,

I was wondering whether there was a way to differentiate between a beehive I.e. an enclosed structure where bees reside out of sight with a honeycomb، the hexagonal wax structure where honey is stored? I am sure plenty of you already know this but you can buy boxes or bottles of honeycomb honey which has the edible honeycomb alongside it, as opposed to just plain liquid honey. The question is how would you refer to honeycomb honey and b) differentiate a honeycomb from a hive?

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Any assistance would be appreciated.

  • Qureshpor

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    ^ In Urdu the word "chhattaa" is used for the bee-hive as well as honey-comb. Platts give "hazaar-xaanah" for "honey-comb". There is also the word "shaanah" used in this context too.