Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Front cover, Blurb & Title Page.


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Dear Foreros,

Whilst Urdu most certainly has no shortage for terms to fill such voids the wholesale adoption of English terms is befuddling to say the least. In that light how would one refer to a front cover, the back-cover blurb and the title page? From a brief online search I was able to stumble upon sar-waraq for a front cover which is quite a nifty term indeed. In that case would the blurb be pas-warq and the title page unwaanii waraq? In Arabic they use Ghilaaf alamaamaa for a front cover. Ghilaaf is not a term that is alien to us neither is jild which Perso-phones appear to use. For front we have several terms like sar, pesh and aglaa/ii the same goes for back in pas, pusht and pichhlii.

In Urdu ghilaaf too would make a lot of sense whereas pusht/jild would be used for the back I.e. in terms of the type of back a book has, whether its a paperback, hardback or metalback. If I were to try my luck the following terms are what I would offer on the matter Kaaghazii-pusht/jild, saxt-pusht/jild, dhaatii-pusht/jild and fulaadii-pusht/jild. For backing/binding a book the terms that would make sense would be jild/pusht-bandii or chaRhaanaa/bichaanaa/lagaanaa/baandhna. A bound book on the other hand would be a jild-band kitaab.

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