Urdu, Hindi, Persian: full-sleeve, half-sleeve and sleeveless


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Dear Foreros,

I was wondering whether any terms existed for the above. Now from what I know as far as Urdu is concerned and I would assume the same is the case for Persian both neem-aasteen and neema-aasteen are used for half-sleeve garments. In Persian the terms are uniformly used for half-sleeve clothing, however is the same the case for Urdu or is it restricted to particular clothing?

To address the above pertaining to all clothing from undershirts to polos and what not, here is my attempt.

Sleeveless- be-aasteen, baghair/bidoon/bilaa-aasteen
Half-sleeve/s- neem/ah-aasteen. Aadhaa/aadh-aasteen
Full-sleeve/s- pur-aasteen. Puuraa/puure-aasteen.

Leave a thumbs up if you agree for others to see or your own recommendations if you would beg to differ or have reservations. Our wholesale adoption of English terminology has meant that we have lost our on vocabulary in the process. Overuse of English terms that have not been adapted in the mould of botal I.e. bottle or furneechar I.e. furniture serve to really ruin the rhythm of the language.

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    نصف آستین is another option.

    آستین is مؤنث, so it should be aadhii and puurii.

    The dictionary definitions for نیم/نیمہ آستین mention a specific article of clothing. However, it could also be used for the purpose being discussed in this thread.


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    In Hindi, we usually say poori baah (पूरी बाँह) and aadhi baah (आधी बाँह).