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Dear Foreros,

I find this to be fairly odd in that whilst there are vogue terms in place for members of the White and black community in gora/gorii and kaalaa/kaalii no such term appears to be prominent for non-whites I.e. people of colour or brown people who are the most numerous in the Subcontinent and Middle East. The more formal term for a black person is siyaah-faam سیاہ-فام derived from Persian. Would the pluralistic of this term be siyaah-faamoN? Similarly, are then white people sufaid-faam? Which begs the question that even when it comes to formal terms which compound term is used for people of colour in general or brown folk specifically?

SaNwlaa/saNwlii perhaps is the term used for individuals of olive skin. Although I'm not entirely sure if it refers to a particular hue of brown or any brown complexion.

Would something along the lines of rangiin-rangat/faam suffice or are there better and more suited alternatives already in place, that haven't caught my attention? Is baadaamii a term specific to eunuchs or can it be used for complexions as well, since the vast majority of people in the region are either of a wheatish or almond complexion?

Example sentence:

"Pepple of colour are clamouring to be treated equally and fairly"

I look forward to hearing back from you all at this august forum.

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