Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Pet shop, Pet food.


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Dear Foreros,

One reason behind the wholesale adoption of English terms, in many languages is their knack of being uncumbersome. It is time that other languages take a leaf from its book. In fact if anything Urdu-Hindi used to do exactly that with nifty terms like Hawaa-chakkii for windmill and barqaab- for hydroelectric until it was trounced by an avalanche of English loanwords and relegated largely to colloquial currency. Thus instead of opting for cumbersome terms like a store for pets or food for pets, English instead goes about it in a straight-shooting, no nonsense manner.

Can the languages above adopt a similar tack. Do we have to say Paaltuu jaanwaroN kaa khaanaa or Paltuu JanwarooN kii dukaan? Would PaltuuoN kii dukaan/khaanaa or Paaltuu-khaanaa/ghizaa,sTor, dukaan not suffice?

The term we decide to adopt can then be extrapolated on to other pet-related terminology I.e. toys etc.

I look forward to hearing your high-value and authoritative input.

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