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Dear Foreros,

We've all been living through a global pandemic and the hysteria and consternation concerning everyone and sundry's medical records is something that has in some shape or form become a matter of public interest. The pandemic has given birth to novel nomenclature. You have levels of vaccination (single, double, triple and potentially quad) vs stances on vaccination I.e. the pro-vaxxers vs the anti-vaxxers. I am not in the least interested in your positions but I would be curious to know the terms that you would or are being deployed to facilitate the concomitant drama and complications in the languages aforementioned.

How would you refer to being single, double and triple vaccinated/jabbed and getting a single, double or triple vaccination/jab? Suggestions are always welcome, I will jump in with my thoughts once a discussion is initiated.

What's the alternative to saying double-vaccinations are mandatory to enter x,y,z? Would dugnii w/vaikseeneiN work since I am certain vaccine is mu'annas in Urdu? Could a vaccinated person be Waikseen-yafta/shuda- plural being waikseen-yaftagaan/shudagaan?

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    once, twice, thrice, etc./# times -
    # بار، مرتبہ، دفعہ - # baar/martabah/daf3ah

    single - اکہرا، یک، واحد، وغیرہ
    double - دہرا، دو گنا، دو چند/گونہ، مثنّیٰ، وغیرہ
    triple - تہرا، تین گنا، سہ چند/گونہ، ثلاثی، وغیرہ