Urdu, Hindi, Persian: top of mind vs back of my/one's mind


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Dear Foreros,

Just for some context so that we can meet at an advanced stage of comprehension, top of mind relates to being front and center in one's cerebral attention, whereas if something is at the back of your mind, you are subconsciously wary of it, or it subliminally affects your decision making. Therefore, it isn't your primary concern. With that being said how would you express the sentiments in the brotherly languages above?

"Marketing ensures their products remain top of mind"

"Picking up his daughter from school is at the top of his mind".

"Somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I couldn't trust him again."

These are merely example sentences to get you going.

For Persophones do attempt to include both nasx and Roman where you can. It helps predominately when it comes to pronunciation.

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