Urdu, Hindi, Persian: Water to break vs to involuntarily urinate.


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Dear Foreros,

I was wondering whether a pregnant woman's water breaking is something that lends itself well to the languages above. At least it ought to. Urdu/Hindi and I'm sure it's the case for Persian too are powerfully descriptive when it comes to matters pertaining to explosions, release or for something to break suddenly.

The verbs that immediately come to mind are:

TuuTnaa &

I am sure there are plenty others which I have missed or omitted in haste. So then how would we express the idea of a woman's water breaking and similarly how could we distinguish that from an involuntary urination in either men or women.

From what I understand paanii chhuuTnaa/chhoRnaa ought to make sense but it is also used with regard to a woman's orgasm. Not entirely sure if it carries to men too and if not how is the same sensation of release expressed for men? How about "Paanii TuuT paRnaa, paanii TuuT/phuuT/chhuuT jaanaa, phuuT-phuuT behnaa/chuuTnaa mixing them up with paanii chuuT-phuuTnaa or TuuT-phuuTnaa.

I wonder the same for a baby's plumbing malfunction and him/her being subject to a major leakage. Paanii chhoRnaa ought to make sense here. Especially in a bedwetting context. "Woh bachcha bistar pe phir paanii chhoR gayaa hai."

Perhaps bed-wetting could also equate to paanii chhoRnaa. Geelaa karnaa is also used but you can drop water and that too would be applicable.

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  • Alfaaz

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    Urdu (medical terminology):
    Shiekh_14 said:
    involuntary urination ... bedwetting
    urinary incontinence, enuresis - سلس البول
    Other translations listed in online dictionaries: بول بستری، شب بولی/ادراری، نیند/بستر میں پیشاب نکل جانا
    Shiekh_14 said:
    "Woh bachcha bistar pe phir paanii chhoR gayaa hai."
    پیشاب - urine would generally be used in this context, instead of پانی - water.
    Sheikh_14 said:
    pregnant woman's water breaking
    amniorrhexis, rupture of membranes - تمزّقِ غلافِ جنین؛ تمزّق الاغشیہ
    انفس is listed in some Urdu-English dictionary entries for amnion. However, it doesn't seem to be listed with this meaning in Urdu-Urdu or Arabic dictionaries. It would be interesting to learn if this is a recent usage and why انفس is used or suggested.
    Sheikh_14 said:
    how is the same sensation of release expressed for men?
    ejaculation - انزال