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What would be the Devanagari spelling of "baahj"? as in:

[sohNRyaa], man kahnā, tere baahj meN [naiyyoN] rahnaa

(It is not "बाहज", and Google Input refuses to do the conjunct character between ह and ज, which leads me to believe it won't be that, either :))

The general idea is, I think, "tere binaa", something like "I cannot live in [those places which are] barren/devoid of you".

It exists in Urdu, listed as an adjective

The verse belongs to the (Punjabi-laced) song "Hina Ki Khushbu", from Coke Studio , but "tere baajh" and "tere baajho" in Latin letters seem popular on the Internet.

[it is also in Youtube=h0Rh7afPspA, 2:40]
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    I think the relevant word is not Hindi-Urdu but Punjabi ਬਾਝੋਂ (see also: ਬਾਹਜ and ਬਾਝ). I think the line is actually:

    ਤੇਰੇ ਬਾਝੋਂ ਮੈਂ ਨਹੀਓ ਰਹਿਣਾ
    tere baajhoN maiN nahio rahiNaa
    I don't want to live without you

    [I don't know if that fourth word should be ਨਹੀਓ or ਨਹੀਓਂ or ਨਹੀਂਓਂ or... The first of these has the most hits on Google, but none of them are listed in Singh's dictionary, and I don't know Punjabi well enough to know what, if anything, should really be nasalized.]

    The entry in Urdu Lughat you've found is for baahij (notice the zer), which is also listed in Shabdsagar and Platts. This seems to be an etymologically related word, but I think it's somewhat obscure (nowadays, at least). I've never heard it used, but based on the dictionary entries indicating that it means baahrii, it's not clear to me that this word can be used to mean "without, lacking" as opposed to "outer."


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    Thank you, @aevynn
    Yes, it would seem that this whole verse (and the following) are full Punjabi, no point in shoehorning Hindustani meanings.

    BTW: for what it is worth, na'iyoN (or whatever :)) proper canonical entry is a mystery for me too.


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    MonsieurGonzalito said:
    It exists in Urdu ...
    Relevant entries in Urdu Lughat and Platts:

    بغیر ، علاوہ ، سوا .

    تمھیں اونچہ انبر سر یا باج ادھار
    دھرت مارگ آسن دھرے ثھار ٹھار
    (۱۴۳۵ ، کدم رام پدم راو ، ۶۵)

    کیوں بیکس و مظلوم ہو کے آج حسینا اس جگ سے سدھارے
    فریاد کریں درد سوں تجھ باج حسینا معصوم تمھارے
    (۱۵۰۳ ، اشرف ، قدیم اردو مراثی ، ۷)

    دل مرا پیو کے باج ہے بیکل
    بیشتر کل سیں آج آج ہے بیکل
    (۱۷۳۹ ، کلیات سراج ، ۳۱۵)
    H باج bāj, prep. Without, in the absence of ( = ba-juz. — The word is used by the poet Walī, and would appear to be peculiar to Southern India).
    Punjabi example:

    مزدوری کوئی مہݨا تے نہیں کمّ توں نہ گھبرا
    محنت باجھوں ہور نہ کوئی حلّ غریبی دا

    خواجہ پرویز از فلم بدمعاش پُتر ١٩٧٤

    Urdu translation attempt:

    مزدوری کوئی مہنا تو نہیں کام سے نہ گھبرا
    محنت باج (کے علاوہ/سوا) اور نہ کوئی حلّ غریبی کا
    MonsieurGonzalito said:
    The verse belongs to the (Punjabi-laced) song "Hina Ki Khushbu", from
    Extra information: original Urdu songs (female and male versions) from Pakistani film Mere Huzoor (1977) | Lyricist: Tasleem Fazli.