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Vegetarians, I ask your pardon and many others. This is a language question.

Now that I have asked a question about a Hindu festival of Navaratri, I'd like to know more about the Muslim one which falls incidentally about on the same day.

In many countries there is a tendency to or legislation to ban slaughtering animals without serving them a 'dope' before. Some say it's a must some say it's against the tradition but I won't care to talk about anything in this way. All I want to know is how you can say:unanesthetized slaughter/anasthesized slaughter.

For Urdu, the term in this context as the context is mostly Muslim but can be Jewish as well is أضحية‎ (in Arabic, which means the offered animals), I hasten to add that this is not a form of animal sacrifice but a manner of their slaughter for the purposes of feeding the needy on this holiday. We can discuss the dope or dopeless thing in the Culture Cafe'.

An important remark. For outstanders, it is about cutting cattle but for the practitioners it is just a way to gain food and prayers and charity are the Leitmotif.
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