Urdu, Hindi: rog saavariyaa

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In the song "saarii saarii raat terii yaad sataaye" (from the 1958 film "ajii bas shukriyaa") they have this stanza:

terii lagan banii rog saavariyaa
kaise biite baalii umriyaa
baalii umar morii baRaa taRpaae re ...

(sample Youtube: 7Kx2JrdGYys at 1:50)

What does rog savariyya mean?
I gather that "rog" has something to do with being "lovesick", and "saavaariyaa" might be a diminutive for "saavaal".

My interpretation is that she is suffering mightily, and wonders how she will spend her lifetime suffering ...but can't really understand how "rog saavariyaa" fits in the sentence.
Please orient me

Thanks in advance.

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    Is this equivalent to saaNvaraa (साँवरा / سانورہ) as in "sooty / of dark complexion" (the epithet for Krishna)?


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    yes, I think so. Lots of bhakti-ish references in Khusro and beyond have filtered into the pool of musical/poetical tropes. Krishna-->beloved of the dark and handsome type
    Historical question: Is there bhakti poetry about Krishna that's attributed to Khusrau?


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    ^ I don’t believe there is. I think @amiramir is conflating Bhakti with Sufi. Although there are some similarities between the two, they are distinct traditions. Khusrau was a Sufi.
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