Urdu, Hindi: samaae rahte hai

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In the following stanza, which starts the simple and beautiful song "Woh Paas Rahe ya Door Rahe", sung by Suraiya

vah paas rahe yaa duur rahe
nazroN meN samaae rahte hai
itnaa to bataa de koii hameN
kyaa pyaar isii ko kahte haiN

What is the reason for using "rahte" in "samaae rahte hai"?
Shouldn't it be "rahtaa"?
I am ready to accept that "samaae" could be equivalent to some English "-ing oblique", as in "he keeps filling my gaze", but what is the justification for the -e in "rahte"?
It is neither oblique, nor plural. And the whole stanza is talking about "him", not "tum".

Any hint, please?
Thanks in advance.

[sample Youtube video: R8sxkm7CcKY at 0:30]
  • littlepond

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    I think it must be "haiN" in the song, then "samaae rahte haiN" is of course the construction (how can you have "rahtaa" respectfully)? (Similarly, "raheN" in the line above.)

    Meanwhile, "he keeps filling my gaze" is an inappropriate translation. Rather, he is always in my eyes (in English, idiomatic would be that he is always in my heart). "samaae" would anyway mean pervade, not fill.
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