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What does this actually mean?
I know it's something to do with love or something..

(like in the song #Tujhe dekhaa hoye jaanaa sanam... pyaar hotaa hai divaanaa sanam# :p)
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    Sanam's definition accoriding to Platts Urdu Dictionary is here.

    Sanam is just a name for lover...like mahaboob, preetam, piya, sajna, the list goes on...
    It is from Arabic.


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    panjabigator said:
    Yes...that's it! It defines it the same way in the dictionary link I posted above.
    Oops. :eek: I guess the smart thing to do would have been to check the link first!


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    The dictionary I posted is probably the most comprehensive Hindi and Urdu dictionary ever made, but it is very outdated and so it needs to be updated! The dictionary is available as a hard copy and also online, but the online one for some strange reason does not display the words in the Arabic script...which is why I bought the hard copy. Its great for etymologies too!
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