Urdu/Hindi: Sazaa, Jazaa

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In Persian the words Sazaa and Jazaa are synonym, but my friends told me that in Undu/Hindi they have the oposite meaning.
I am not sure if I am wrong or right, so what do you think.
  • panjabigator

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    I'll tell you ahead of time that my Urdu is not the best;)

    /sazaa/ means punishment for us. Example: /sazaa-e-maut/ is the death penalty.

    I do not know what /jazaa/ means. Could you tell me and write it in Farsi for me to see?


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    Yes, they have completely opposite meanings :D

    "sazaa" (سزا) means punishment, as panjabigator said.

    "jazaa" (جزاء) comes from Arabic and means "reward". We have the very common phrase "Jazaakallah" which Muslims use to thank somebody. It means "May God reward you" (It is being used as a verb here though)
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