Urdu, Hindi: slapped with truth, kissed with a lie


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How would you translate this Russian proverb into Urdu or Hindi?

"Better to be slapped with the truth, than kissed with a lie."

  • A few more possibilities:

    بوسۂِ دروغ سے طمانچۂِ حقیقت بہتر - bosah-e-daroGh se tamaaNchah-e-Haqiiqat behtar

    فریب کے بوسے سے حقیقت کا طمانچہ/تھپڑ پہتر - fareb ke bose se Haqiiqat kaa tamaaNchah/thappaR behtar
    Sorry to butt in, how about a Persian one:

    سيلىِ راستگو بهترست از بوسه ی دروغگو
    silie râstgu behtarast az buséye doruqgu

    I hope it makes sense in Urdu.
    The original sentence doesn't begin with "It is" and doesn't contain a finite verb.
    But that is fine and normal in English. It seems to be fine in Hindi and Urdu too since none of you has added "hai" at the end. Right?
    PersoLatin: Thanks for the Persian translation. I was thinking about asking for possible translations in Persian.

    Stranger_: Yes, hai does not have to be included. Can't it (ہست/است) be left out in Persian constructions as well (for example, some of the idioms on a similar pattern that have been previously discussed: عذر گناہ بدتر از گناہ or از دوست ناداں دشمن دانا پہتر)...?