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Dear Foreros,

This is something you often hear in films be they historic epics, action, superhero or romantic drama films. To spare one's life in other words to not take one's life when offered the opportunity in a battle or to be left alone by someone in a position of power usually a despotic/murderous ruler or lord. It can be an act of pity or humane mercy.

How would you translate this into Urdu/Hindi?

Would any of the following make sense or are these too calquey:

▪︎ Kisii kii jaan baxshnaa
▪︎ Kisii kii jaan baxsh denaa.
▪︎ Zindagii baxshnaa
▪︎ Zindagii baxsh denaa.

He spared her life- Us ne us kii jaan/Zindagii baxshii/baxsh dii.

Jaan bachaanaa is what Google returned but that makes no sense as this doesn't involve saving one's life, rather it's a case of not taking it. That being said one character may save another's life in return for them sparing theirs. Thence Jaan baxshne ke badle jaan bachaana. When one spares one's honour/respect we say 'izzat baxshnaa or 'izzat baxsh denaa. Also naak rakhnaa/baxshnaa can also be used. In that light the suggestions above do make sense to me, nonetheless I'm ever interested in hearing the thoughts of respected panelists present here in abundance.

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    Perfect, I was watching a series the other day and the term used was jaan-baxshii for a means to save one's life, so I was indeed on the right track. Therefore kisii kii jaan baxshnaa is indeed to spare one's life. Appreciate the feedback Janaab Alfaaz.