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    Friends, have any of you ever thought about these two words "tahmad" and "tahband", seemingly for the same large piece of cloth wrapped around a man's waist? I don't know about anywhere else but in the rural Punjab, women also once wore a lighter version of the same. Can anyone shed some light on these words please. How is it that whilst they are different, yet they are quite similar and used for the same article?
  2. BP. Senior Member

    tahmad is popular corruption of tahband, as far as I have been told.
  3. marrish

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    BP SaaHib so popular that I only heard tahmad. Thank you for the etymology.
  4. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    tah + bastan (baaNdhnaa) might be the "etymology" derivation for tahband (band being the root of bastan) but frankly I can't see how tah-band has ended up as tah-mad. If there is any consolation, in Punjabi it is "tah-mat" (tehmat).
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    I only see tahband listed in Platts, which would point to tahmad as a corrupted form. The b > m shift is interesting, though. It could've been contaminated by a different word.
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    Both are used and both listed in respectable Urdu lexicons. However, tahmad is much more common! Not worrying too much about its etymology, it has found its way into "educated" speech and of course literary Urdu. Here is a something from the Urdu writer پطرس piTras:

    میرے اردگرد محفل گرم تھی اور میں اس میں کنچن چنگا كی طرح اپنی بلندی پر جما بیٹھا تھا. جس دن كالج میں تعطیل ہوا كرتی مجہ* پر اداسی سی چھا جاتی. جنتا كہ آج كے دن تہمد پوش،تولیہ بردار، صابن نواز ہستیاں دن کے بارہ ایک بجے تک نظر آتی رہیں گی

    پطرس كے مضامین

    [* this is meant to be do-chashmii 'he' but for some reason cannot be reproduced here on the page. The word being mujh.]
  7. marrish

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    Normally the absence of tahmad in a dictionary would not indicate it were a corrupted form however it appears to be so in this case:

    tah-band; Pop. tahmad, taimat, n. m. A cloth worn round the waist like a kilt.
    [the old chap Fallon]

    QP SaaHib, here you have the Punjabi rendition - taimat (better than yours!)
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    tahmad/tahband - I don't know what are these. These are not Hindi words.
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