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Dear Foreros,

I was wondering if when it comes to taking the stairs one can use siiRhiyaaN lenaa, just as one would if they were taking a train, bus, lift, cab and so forth? I've never heard one use this idiom in either Urdu or Hindi nonetheless besides convention there doesn't appear to be any logical reasoning to it. Of course to walk up the stairs is siiRhiyaaN chaRhnaa and to walk down them is siiRhiyaaN utarnaa, but to opt to take the stairs instead of another easier means ought to be siiRhiyaaN lenaa, don't you think?

I took the bus, taxi, lift- MaineN bas/Taiksii/lifT lii
I took the stairs- ?
It's good to take the stairs - SiiRhiyaaN lenaa mufeed (e seHat) hai.

This is just a facile exercise but something I was genuinely curious about.

  • SiiRhiyaaN lenaa sounds very strange to me.

    I took the stairs - maiN siiRhiyoN se gayaa
    It's good to take the stairs - SiiRhiyoN se jaanaa / siiRhiyaaN chaRhnaa achchhaa hotaa hai.
    Yes very true, not all idiomatic expressions can be transferred. Agree with your assessment. From a purely logical perspective there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it, but when accounting for conventions doesn't quite do.