Urdu, Hindi: The face of something i.e. a brand, party, club, country, etc


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Dear Foreros,

I've been grappling with formulating an alternative myself thus would appreciate your help on this. When someone is viewed as the face of a brand, party, club or any entity that means there's a face to whatever name is mentioned. However, how would we go about expressing this sentiment in Urdu/Hindi?

For instance they wished for her to become the face of the party, brand or country's tourism board/campaign?

She/he was the face of x.

He/she could become the face of their ad campaign.

He/she refused the chance to be the face of x.

They have changed the face of their brand, party, etc.

I will take your valuable suggestions into account before opining with my own.

  • "فیس" کے اس استعمال کے لیے اردو میں بھی "چہرہ" سننے کو ملتا ہے۔ (دیگر ارکان شاید واضح کر سکیں کہ یہ دخیل ترجمہ ہے یا نہیں۔) اس کے عِلاوہ، "نمایندہ" یا "ترجمان" جیسے الفاظ استعمال کیے جا سکتے ہیں (بمقتضائے سیاق و سباق).
    Safiir is also used. A brand ambassador for instance would be a brand safeer.

    For public face you are correct chehra does seem accurate. What are your thoughts on shakl?

    Woh klab kaa chehra yaa chehra e 'aama bannaa chaahtii tii/taa- He wanted to be the face or public face of the club.

    He took on an ambassadorial role at the club.

    Us ne klab meN safiiraana kirdaar ixtiyaar kiyaa.

    Nishaan also sounds good. In Italian they refer to such individuals as the symbol of the club/entity.

    How about shakl bil u'moom, shakl baraa'e u'moom or u'moomii shakl bannaa? To be the general/overarching/ubiquitous face.