Urdu, Hindi: [verbal root] + ho jaanaa

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I know that [adjective] + ho jaanaa means "to become" that (perhaps with a certain suddenness).
But what does it mean when added to a verbal root?
For example, in the following verses:

laazmii kyuuN ban gae ho? yah bataa
tishngii kyuuN de gae ho, baaNvraa?

What is the nuance this construction adds to the main verb(s)?

[the verses belong to the song "Baanware", featured in Coke Studio Season 10, 4:10 in the official Youtube video clip]
  • littlepond

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    "ban gae ho" comes from "ban jaanaa" rather than "ho jaanaa", and similarly "de gae ho" comes from "de jaanaa" rather than "ho jaanaa".
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