Urdu: If you should have any free time, make sure you visit

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  1. ardis 5 Member

    i want to know what does it really mean in urdu? and how does it differ from"if you have any free time, make sure you visit the old town" . translate it in simple urdu for better understanding please.
  2. Dib Senior Member

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    I think, the only difference is that "if you should have ..." gives a hint that the speaker probably thinks that the condition is a bit unlikely to be fulfilled (i.e. they probably think that you will likely have no free time), whereas "if you have ..." implies no such preconception. This is my perception though. And I am no native speaker of English. You should really ask this question in the English community to get a definite answer, and I'll let someone else to give you an appropriate Urdu version.

    Also, the "should" version is more formal written kind of language, and I think, limited to future conditions only.
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  3. Qureshpor Senior Member

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    From an Urdu perspective:

    a) If you should have any free time............

    agar aap ko fursat ho...
    agar aap ke paas faariGh vaqt ho..

    b) If you have any free time

    agar aap ko fursat hu'ii/milii
    agar aap ke paas faariGh vaqt hu'aa

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