Urdu: Inn jumlo kaa Arbee mai tarjumaa kee jiye

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  • linguist786

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    Hi Amélie.

    The writing in the picture is Urdu (not Udru, cherine :p héhé joking - I know it was a typo)

    Anyway, it says:

    "Inn jumlo kaa Arbee mai tarjumaa kee jiye:-"
    which means:
    "Translate these sentences into Arabic:-"

    Notice three Arabic-derived words in there - Arbee (ﯽﺒﺭﻋ) meaning Arabic, Jumlo (ﮞﻭﻠﻣﺠ) meaning "words" & Tarjuma (ﮧﻣﺟﺭﺘ) meaning "Translation"

    By the way - where did you get this from? hmmm..


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    This is according to Platts Urdu Dictionary:

    24. jumla: (page 389)
    (fr. A. jumla), [...] (in Gram.) a proposition; a clause; a sentence:--jumla-ě-ismīya, s.m. A nominal sentence, a sentence that begins with the subject (subst. or pronoun), or one that is composed of an inchoative and an enunciative;--jumla-ě-shart̤īya, s.m. A conditional sentence or clause...​
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    panjabigator said:
    the only word I didnt recognize is jumala....is that the same as lafz?

    edit: ok, jumala is the same thing as vakya...sentence.
    The word is "jumlah" (pronunciation) (Urdu: ﮫﻠﻣﺠ). Some people pronounce it "jumlaa" (long "a" sound)
    I guess this is one of the things that seperates Urdu and Hindi - words like these. Jumlaa wouldn't be used in Hindi, only in Urdu (it comes from the same word in Arabic)

    Sorry I made a mistake by translating "jumlaa" as word - it should have been sentence. My bad.
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