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  1. Abu Talha Senior Member


    Is there an idiomatic equivalent of "lifT karaanaa" in Standard Urdu? Here is an example usage:

    meN us se milne gayaa lekin us ne mujhe koii lifT hii nahiiN karaa'ii/dii.

  2. Alfaaz Senior Member

    ghaas naheeN dala....?
  3. Abu Talha Senior Member

    Thanks Alfaaz SaaHib. That's a very nice expression. Are you aware of any other that is perhaps not as strong? I remember a situation where I was trying to interact with a friend's infant son but he was unconcerned and did not respond much. I think I jokingly said, "ko'ii lifT nahiiN" or something similar. Wouldn't ghaas nahiiN daalii be too strong?
  4. Alfaaz Senior Member

    It might be...or might not....depends on the relationship with the person you are talking to and context; There are some other expressions used regularly in speech and TV, but cannot remember them!:) If any come to mind, will respond. Hopefully, others will also contribute by then!

    Edit: These could probably work in the sense of not being serviced/offered to snacks, drinks, food, etc...

    آؤ بگھت نہیں کی/ aa'o bhaghat naheeN ki
    خاطر مدارات نہیں کی/ khaatir madarat naheeN ki

    These would probably be used more in the sense of not being praised/appreciated/lauded/etc.

    خوشامد نہیں کی/ khushamad naheeN ki
    تحسین و ستائش نہیں کی /taHseen-o-sitaaish naheeN ki
    تعریفوں کے پل نہیں بندھے /tareefoN ke puul naheeN bandhe
    شان میں قصیدے نہیں پڑھے / shaan mein qasiide naheeN paRhe

    Lift (verb): Source: Urdu English Dictionary: زَمين سے اُوپَر لے جانا يا اُٹھانا ۔ بُلَند کَرنا ۔ عِزَّت دينا ۔ وَقار بَخشنا

    i'zzat naheeN di / عِزَّت نہیں دی
    ahmiyat naheeN di / اہمیت نہیں دی
    waqaar naheen bakhsha / وقار نہیں بخشا

    hum bhi to paRe hain raahon mein/ ہم بھی تو پڑے ہیں راہوں میں!
    nigaah-e-jaur sahi, dekhiye to kam se kam...

    Sorry if I have gone off topic/diverted from the original query!:)
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  5. Abu Talha Senior Member

    All very good expressions. I think I like اہمّیّت نہیں دی in this context.
    Thanks again.
  6. BP. Senior Member

    درخورِ اعتنا نہ سمجھنا where درخور is the standard word I know for 'fitting'.
  7. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    I think "ghaas nahiiN Daalii" also is the perfect fit. (Alfaaz Jii, the word "ghaas" in Urdu is feminine).
  8. Faylasoof Senior Member

    Plato's Republic
    English (UK) & Urdu (Luckhnow), Hindi
    I recall when I was in school (many, many moons ago) my friends would use the verb denaa here, i.e. kisii ko lift denaa - not in the sense of giving them a ride in their car but in the sense of paying heed to them, giving attention etc. For this, ghaas daalnaa / nah daalnaa would fit the bill. Alternatives would be (ko) tawajjoh denaa / nah denaa or mutawajjeh honaa / nah honaa or muxaaTib honaa / nah honaa or iltifaat karnaa / nah karnaa. All these would work!

    maiN us se milne gayaa lekin woh merii Taraf mutawajjeh / muxaaTib hii nahiiN huaa
    maiN us se milne gayaa lekin woh mujh se muxaaTib hii nahiiN huaa
    maiN us se milne gayaa lekin us ne merii Taraf iltifaat hii nahiiN kiyaa
    maiN us se milne gayaa lekin us ne merii Taraf ghaas hii nahiiN Daalii
    maiN us se milne gayaa lekin us ne mujhe ghaas hii nahiiN Daalii
    etc. etc.
  9. Alfaaz Senior Member

    Sorry! Ghaas naheeN daali

    Question: Is chaarah (naheen daala/i) masculine or feminine? The dictionary lists it as feminine(chaaraa-Sanskrit) and masculine (chaarah-Sanskrit)...
  10. marrish

    marrish Senior Member

    اُردو Urdu
    چارہ is masculine in Urdu, invariably. Please, it could be useful to make a side note on the margin of that page that chaarah doesn't originate from Sanskrit, but it is a Persian loanword. chaaraa on its part is no Sanskrit word either, but related to Prakrit. But what am I to counterweight against the authority of the dictionary!
  11. Alfaaz Senior Member

    Please don't say that marrish SaaHib! The members here are very learned/knowledgeable, almost like encyclopedias, which is why learners like I raise questions about the dictionary!:D
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