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Dear Foreros,

I am sure you have come across this figure of speech "there's a method in his/her/my madness". Nonetheless for the purpose of clarifying it defines a situation in which one's behaviour is ostensibly ludicrous but behind that lunacy they are acting in a calculated fashion. How would you express this sentiment in Urdu? I would love to hear your viewpoints. In the past I came across one which I at least felt was even better than the English variant. However, searching for it has been reminiscent of picking out a needle from a haystack.

The alternative I once came across was "خبط میں ضبط ہونا" i.e. for there to be control in one's recklessness. When referring to somebody's madness we could thus say "un/us ke xabt meN zabt hai".


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  • "Though this be madness, yet there is method in it." Shakespeare (Hamlet)

    میری سنک میں کھنک ہے۔

    میری اِس وحشت کے پیچھے حُجّت ہے۔

    میرے جنون کی آڑ میں ایک مقصد ہے۔

    جوش سامنے ہے ہوش پسِ پردہ ہے۔

    پاگلپن سہی مگر ہے ایک سوچا سمجھا منصوبہ۔

    اِس بھنگ میں رنگ ہے۔
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