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Dear Foreros,

Whilst doing a cursory search of the terms used for the branch of orthopaedics and its concomitant adjective in orthopaedic, it turns out that some Urdu lexicons have opted for a misnomer. This branch is associated with correcting bodily deformities and matters of a constitutional nature I.e. muscles and bones, yet the term being used by Urdu dictionaries are inclined towards correcting organ/visceral disorders, eventhough this branch has very little to do with organs unless one deems the spine or bones to be as such, simply because they are parts of the body. The term in question is taqweem ul/al aʻẓā.

The term used in technical Arabic vocabulary for orthopaedic is sound and as follows: taqweem al i'zaam which is concise and fitting as it pertains precisely to the adjustment of bones. Whereas the field itself is referred to as tibb al i'zaam I.e. the medical science of the bones. This again reflects precisely what the field covers. This begs the question that when Urdu does have within its vocabulary all of the above why try to coin a term which makes no sense, as orthopaedic practioners do not treat organs, far from it, or am I missing something?

Lastly, I would love to know the terms used in Farsi/Dari. In Turkish they appear to have loaned the Greek word and Turkicised it as Orthopedi and orthopedik which are easily comprehensible for all English speakers.

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