Urdu/Persian: Dump, Dumped, Dumping


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Dear Forum members,
The purpose of this thread was to find out what the Urdu and Persian equivalents of dump,dumped and dumping in the following examples would be:
a) She has long been accused of dumping her children on her ex-husband.
b) Janine dumped Waleed (broke up with/abandoned).
c) This place is a complete dump!
d) Dump your trash in designated bins please.
e) Since the advent of NAFTA US agribusinesses have viewed Mexico as a real dumping ground for its surplus products.

I would find a discussion on this matter highly stimulating and helpful. Therefore my sincere gratitude to whoever participates.
  • [Urdu:] First sight suggestions:

    a) (kaa zimmah) x par chhoR denaa
    b) qat3-e-ta3alluq kar denaa
    c) kuuRaa-ghar
    d) pheNk denaa
    e) NAFTA kii aamad se, amriikii zaraa3atii kaarobaaroN kii nazar meN Mexico un kii zaa'id paidaawaar kii (wahaaN) zer-e-qiimat bharmaar karne kaa ek aslii maqaam rahaa hae.
    Shukriyah Marrish saahib the suggestions you have presented above do grease the wheels of this thread. Is kuuRaa-ghar actually used or is that a coinage? I have heard of kabaar xaanah but have never come across kuuRaa ghar. With regards to d) I am looking for an expression and most preferrably a word which is more expressive than phenk (to throw) as an alternative for dump. There is a word in Punjabi roRh which is used to toss something, I think most often in a flowing stream of any kind.
    Indeed Eskander, that would do just fine! Would you care to give your suggestions for Persian in the a,b,c,d format without having to write complete sentences merely suggestions of dumped in those contexts?