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Dear Foreros,

I would like your esteemed opinions on how a Feasibility Study or report is to be translated in the brotherly languages above. From the perspective of Urdu, here is what I already know. Report is generally referred to as just report or the more Urdu-friendly raporT although the odd few do refer to a report as the Urduised H رپٿ rapaṭ (corr. of the English), s.f. Report which is perhaps as common as lumbar for numbar. In other words it has largely gone out of use except in a jocular fashion.

I am aware of at least two terms for a study however, in teHqeeq and mutaali'a. Whereas the terms for feasible are either Qaabil e 'amal or qaabil e ta'meel.
With the above in mind how do the following sound.

Qaabil e 'amalii/ta'meelii for Feasibility.
Qaabil e 'amalii/ta'meelii- raport/teHqeeq/StaDii/mutaali'a for a Feasibility Study?

I would love to hear from Perso-phones, even more so if they choose to break down the terms as I have attempted to do above. Transliterations serve to improve inclusivity and a grasp of pronunciations.

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    Persian: گزارش شدنی بودن/gozâreše šodani budan, also گزارش امکان پذیری/gozâreše emkân paziri


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    Potential options:
    • report - رپورٹ، روداد
    • feasibility - امکانیّت، امکان/تعمیل/عمل پذیری
    feasibility report - رودادِ امکانیت/تعمیل پذیری