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Dear Foreros,

I have a feeling that whilst in Dari they might use SaHaafii as well as they do in Arabic and Urdu, the term for a male journalist varies in Iranian Persian. That being said what is the accepted or acceptable term for a female journalist in the two languages above? Technically speaking given that Urdu has loaned the term saHaafii from Arabic, it ought to have done the same for the feminine variant in saHaafiiya with the plural forn being saHaafiiyaat as well as potentially saHafiyaaN. I have also come across Xaatuun saHaafii. In my opinion both would be correct. Where do you stand, do you find the usage of saHaafiiya to be the logical solution or otherwise? Or rather you would be much more comfortable with English loanwords like female journalist/correspondent? Would zanaanaa/mardaana make sense in such contexts for female and male journalists?

A quick Google search returned Roznaama(roznaame)-nigaar as the gender neutral term for Persian. I cannot speak for its accuracy as I'm unfamiliar with the term.

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