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Dear Foreros,

As you may well know the aforementioned term/phrase has very little to do with actual fire but relates to being in the middle of the spray of bullets or cross-fire I.e. the use of artillery or guns towards a certain target. I have enquired in the past about terminology concerning the discharge of firearms and was more than sufficiently satisfied here Urdu/Persian: Gun-fire & to fire a gun. It came to my attention then that the terms in use for Urdu mainly concerned staining or burning arsenal or making/releasing fire. Whereas in Persian the terms were either archaic in that they employed arrows instead of guns or they referenced artillery rather than guns with the use of shelling which is also used in Urdu but just for artillery fire.

However, what remains unanswered is the idea of being in the middle of cross-fire or the firing line. In Arabic the term most commonly used is Xat un naar خط النار for firing line. Both Persian and Urdu appear to employ the English derived shelling alot for this purpose when it comes to artillery fire but I'm not sure if firing with a rifle or gun would constitute as shelling.

Would something along the lines of xat E shelling خط شیلینگ for artillery firing line and xat/saff e aatish/naar خط/صف اتش/ نار suffice for either language? I would be intrigued to hear the official terms in use and your own coinages if such isn't already in place.
Similarly, would being amidst cross fire be adequately expressed in Urdu with the following:
Bayn ul xatuut/sufuuf E aatish/naar?

If not what would be a better way of expressing cross-fire besides transliterating the very same term?

A decade or so from today an ex Junta President named his autobiography "In the Line of Fire", I wonder how that would have been translated word for word had he not opted for a different name in Urdu. I would opine that something along the lines of dar saf/xat E naar/aatish should suffice but am open to suggestions.

Ramadan Kareem!

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