Urdu, Persian, Hindi: Book Launch Party


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Dear Foreros,

I was wondering what a book launch party could be called in the languages above. Book itself obviously being kitaab, and bazm being an acceptable form of party, but how about the combined form of being a book launch party? Persophones it would be great if you translitered alongside writing in nasx script, considering the variances in pronunciations between Farsi and Dari.

  • Alfaaz

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    تقریبِ رونمائی کتاب - taqriib-e-ru-numaa'ii-e-kitaab
    • کتاب کی رونمائی کی تقریب - kitaab kii ru-numaa'ii kii taqriib
    افتتاح - iftitaaH - inauguration, commencement, etc.


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    This is probably wrong, but perhaps it will spark a thought from the Hindi speakers:

    I seem to have a memory of hearing the expression, 'pustak prastuti', used at book fairs, to mean something like 'book inauguration'? Can anyone confirm or offer something better?