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Dear Foreros,

I was wondering how the concept above which people of the region are definetely not strangers to is referred to in the brotherly languages above. Would BachchoN kii/ke (liye) Hiraasatii jang or baraa'e bachche ... make sense and if not what will? Is Hiraasat a term limited to detentions or also to be in the care or custody of some-thing/one?

Other terms that spring to mind for custody are Hawaala, taHweel, Hifz, Aamaan etc.

Would love to hear your take on the matter.

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    Potential translation: عدالتی مقدمہ برائے حقِّ حِضانت

    Other words that are used in such contexts: پرورش، نگہداشت، وغیرہ

    تحویل and سپردگی are also used. However, حراست might not be appropriate due to its common use for criminals arrests, detention, etc.

    Forum members with greater knowledge of legal jargon could hopefully provide more information!


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    Whilst scouring online for custody battle Hiraasatii Harb/jang was most prominent. I do feel that is appropriate but let's see what others have to say and bring to the table. Surely legal jargon for such a basic matter should exist. I would personally posit something along the lines of A'dalatii Hiraasatii jang/Harb/jidd/Jidd o JaHad/jiHaad Baraa'e Bachche/bachcha/bachchagaan. The baraa'e bit is interesting as it can be placed either at the very beginning, in the middle or right at the end.

    In any case let's break the concept down into its constituent parts. How would one refer to child custody? Then we can cobble together a rational term step by step. I have only ever heard bachchoN kii kusTaDii in everyday speech.

    Hawaalagii is another one.
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