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Dear Foreros,

Whilst I understand that statistics as a discipline is referred to as shumaariiyaat شماریات or I'lm E a'daad o shumaar علم اعداد وقار in Urdu and that statistics in terms of stats are referred to as a'daad o shumaar, what would you call an individual stat? In other words how would you say "yes I am familiar with that stat" or the oft-used English cliche "a single death is a tragedy a million deaths is a statistic." Would either the lone a'dad or shumaar suffice? Secondly how would refer to a statistician? Would they be referred to as a Shumaar-daan شمار دان? From what I know a A'daad-shinaas/shanaas اعداد شناس is used for a numerologist which is an entirely disparate branch.

I would love to hear from Perso-phones as well since you can clearly see that Urdu derives heavily from Persian when it comes to anything pertaining to stats and numbers.

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    Sheikh_14 said:
    how would refer to a statistician?
    • Statistics - شماریات ، اعدادیات ، علمِ اعداد و شمار
    • statistician - ماہرِ شماریات
    • statistics - اعداد و شمار
    اِمارہ and امارہ گر are also present.
    Sheikh_14 said:
    what would you call an individual stat?
    The following terms are used in Arabic and can be found used in Urdu articles online, even though they are not currently listed in Urdu Lughat. They follow the pattern of multiple other words that are either directly from Arabic or have been coined in Urdu (المیہ - tragedy, بیانیہ - narrative, نشریہ - broadcast, program; etc.). Related to احصاء (Root: ح ص ي).
    • statistic - احصائیہ
    • statistics - احصائیات


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    For statistician there is also shumaariiyaat-daan. What are your thoughts on either the contracted shumaar-daan or a'daad-daan? In my view all three appear to follow Urdu etiquette. With regard to an individual stat would 'adad or shumaar not suffice?

    "Yes I am familiar with that stat"- Jee/Haan-jee/jee-haaN/bil-kul, maiN is shumaar/a'dad se waaqif hooN."

    "One death is a tragedy, a million deaths are merely a stat"- Ek maut jab ke almiya (this is the common way to pronounce it however, the official pronunciation is alamiya) hai, 10 lakh amwaat tau maHz/bas/faqat ek a'dad".

    A statsman could also be referred to as a stats-waalaa, a'daad-waalaa or shumaar-waalaa.

    Similarly a statslady/girl brought on say a sports or economics show could be a stats-waalii, shumaar-waalii or a'daad-waalii.