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Dear Foreros,

I understand that the term for sessions which involve sitting the term in use for Urdu is ijlaas, but what about for things that do not require people to be seated and assembled I.e. a tennis session, a coaching session, a training session, Q&A session and so on and so forth?

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    I see so would you refer to a training session as a tarbiiyatii daur or a tarbiiyatii ijlaas? I'll give a few examples of sessions that we may come across on now and then. To keep things interesting some will be whimsical and I want to see which term you would opt for in each.

    Debating session- I would suggest BeHs-mubaaHisa Ijlaas or MubaaHisa ijlaas.
    discussion session- Guft-u-guu Ijlaas or BeHsii Ijlaas.
    Q&A session- Su'aal-Jawaabii Ijlaas
    Kissing Session- Bos-aa-Bosii nishast/baiThak/ijlaas/daur?
    Training Session- Tarbiiyatii-daur, Tarbiiyatii-mashk, Mashkii-daur. Daur e tarbiiyat o mashk, Mashk o tarbiiyatii daur.
    Coaching Session- Tadreesii-mashk, Tadreesii-daur, Tadreesii-ijlaas (if it involves being seated).
    Sex Session- No idea but I would be curious as to what others suggest. I would hazard a guess with Jinsii-ijlaas or Jinsii-daur...
    Exercising Session- Warzishii-waqt, warzishii-seshan, warzishii-daur, warzishii-mashk, warzishii-ijlaas?
    Yoga Session..

    So the operative question here being do you have to be seated for it to be an Ijlaas or like a Jalsa that no longer is the pre-requisite? Now in Arabic, it doesn't matter and the term jalsat is used universally, as a synonym for its English equivalent.

    Would love to see what Perso-phones use as well.

    For all of these, the word Seshan i.e. session can also practically be used.


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    میقات is another option:
    ۲۔ (i) کسی کام کے کرنے یا ہونے کا وقت ، ہنگام کار ، کام کا مخصوص زمانہ نیز وقت ، زمانہ ، فصل (جو محدود و مخصوص ہو) ؛ موسم ۔

    (ii) دورانیہ ، مدت ِمعینہ ، انتہائی مدت (خصوصاً) مدرسے کی تعلیم کا زمانہ نیز عدالت کے اجلاس کا زمانہ ۔

    (iii) ملازمت کی محدود مدت ۔