Urdu: Positive version of "maiN shahr nahiiN jaane kaa"


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I began the following thread in the past

Urdu: maiN shahr nahiiN jaane kaa/mujhe shahr nahiiN jaanaa hai

marrish SaaHib in one of the posts (#21) stated the following.

"QP SaaHib, I meant to say that example a) maiN shahr nahiiN jaane kaa, is a negative statement and doesn't have an affirmative counterpart. Given it cannot affirmatively express intention to undertake something positively (like "I'm going to town in the evening"), this construction is used only in situation when one does clearly not intend to do something at all (=lack/absence of intention)."

I too thought there was no positive counterpart for this construction. In a film dialogue I found the following lines..

“to us ke kapRe pahan kar aur tere ko daraxt par chaRhne kaa

vahaaN se heroin ko bachaane kaa

vuh gunDe log aa’eN ge naa, un ke saath maaraa-maarii karne kii

Although the above lines appear to be the positive counterpart of the thread quoted, I think there is a difference in meaning and also a difference in the construction. Have you come across this format in speech or writing in Urdu?
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