Urdu, Punjabi?: Baba Bhatti


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The song "Ram Pam" from the recent Coke Studio 12 season, starts as a simple, soulful love song, and then the seemingly inevitable Punjabi-mystic lacing starts o_O. It what appears to be a reassurance (speaking to a woman, or maybe, as usual, to a disciple) it is said that "baabaa bhaTTii is with you"

تجھے پریت ہے ایسی لگی
تو ہوئی سجن کی پکّی
تو فکر نہ کر او بچّی
تیرے نال ہے بابا بھٹّی

My question is: who is this Baba Bhatti character? A Sufi saint?
The closest match I could find on the Internet is Dulla Bhatti, some sort of "Medieval Robin Hood" of Punjab, but he seems unlikely for this song.
  • Frau Moore

    Monsieur Gonzalito, did you read the Coke Studio Season 12 Blog?

    "Shahab´s (the vocalist) fictional "najoomi" Baba" is said there about this Bhatti Baba. So he´s not a saint it seems, but a kind of fortune teller.

    Please read the text of the song one more time - don´t the statements of Bhatti Baba sound like a fortune teller´s vague assurances? Bear in mind, we only know the girl is madly in love.............but we don´t know if it´s a mutual love.