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    How would one write the Romanised version of منبع which we know to be pronounced with an 'n' instead of an 'm'?

    I would write it mamba3? Is anyone writing it manba3 (literal and thus already expecting the reader to know it's pronunciation?)?

    There are a few of these Arabic words in Urdu where an ن followed by an immediate ب changes the pronuncition of the ن.

    Much obliged.
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    Whether the word is Arabic, Persian or Indic, if there is an nb combination, it ought to be written as nb and not mb.

    manba3 plural manaabi3
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    If you want a phonological transcription it is (Arabic, Persian, Urdu) /manbaʽ/. If you want a phonetic transcription it is (Arabic) [mambaʽ], and the corresponding forms with weakening of the laryngeal in Persian and Urdu. In all three languages /nb/ = [mb].
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    iea SaaHib will like this example too.

    گو ہاتھ کو جنبش نہیں آنکھوں میں تو دم ہے
    رہنے دو ابھی ساغر و مینا میرے آگے


    ٓAlthough there is no movement in my hands, there is still life left in my eyes
    Leave the goblet and the bottle in front of me (for my eyes to relish the view)

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