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Dear Foreros,

I'm constantly at a loss when it comes to expressing taking something back or wanting it back in Urdu besides in the case of taking back or recanting a statement. In that case waapas lenaa is used.

To take back a statement- bayaan waapas lenaa.

Take it back!- waapas lo!

Withdraw money- raqm/paise/naqd waapas lenaa?

Take back a resignation- iste'faa waapas lenaa.

Retract a decision- faisala waapas lenaa.

Take back a position- Not sure.

I was watching a crime drama series and one of the characters proclaimed defiantly that he was "taking back London" in other words reclaiming his spot as top dog. Not sure how you could express this sentiment in Urdu. Would "maiN Londan ko waapas le ke rahooN gaa" suffice?

Similarly what about I am going to take it all back in the sense of I will get back what was once mine?

Furthermore, how do you express the idea of wanting something back, it could be a former flame, position or possession?

For example:

● I want you back?
● I want that property back?
● I want her/him back?
● He wants his car back?

I would appreciate all the help I can get.

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  • اِس سیاق و سباق کے لئے میرے خیال میں فعل واپس لینا مناسب فعل ہے۔
    Withdraw money- raqm/paise/naqd waapas lenaa?

    پیسہ، پیسے، روپیہ وغیرہ نکالنا​

    Take back a position- Not sure.

    اپنا منصب یا عہدہ واپس لینا​

    For example:

    ● I want you back?
    ● I want that property back?
    ● I want her/him back?
    ● He wants his car back?

    میں چاہتا ہوں تم میرے پاس واپس آ جاؤ۔

    میں وہ مِلکیت واپس لینا چاہتا ہوں۔

    میں چاہتا ہوں وہ میرے پاس واپس آ جائے۔

    وہ اپنی کار واپس لینا چاہتی ہے۔​

    Would something along the lines of

    میں تمھے واپس پانا/حاصل کرنا چاہتا ہوں work or is it to verbatim/lafzii a translation?

    She wants to see the two of you back together- "woh chaahtii hai/N tum donoN waapas/phir se/dubaarah ek/gul-mil/yak jaa ho jaa'o."

    Another example:

    You cannot take back what you've done, the damage has been done- "tum apne kiyaa-karda/kiye (ko) waapas nahiiN le sakte, jo nuqsaan honaa thaa ho chukaa (hai).

    Additionally, you're absolutely right in when it comes to money, nikaalnaa is the apt term. However, surely waapas lenaa should also work in this context. Since denaa would equate to paying, handing or depositing an amount. Granted jam' is a better and more formal means of saying to deposit.

    For taking back in the sense of a withdrawal what are your thoughts on either Husuul or Axaz?

    Deposit and withdrawal- jam' o Husuul/wusuul/axaz. I don't believe you can pluralise either but I'll leave that to more sagacious heads to answer.

    Waapas lenaa makes particular sense when it comes to a money back guarantee. Perhaps one could refer to it as a raqm/naqd-waapasii zamaanat. Same goes for cash back arrangements, naqd-waapasii makes perfect sense in that context.

    Q. Would you like any cash back?
    Q. "Aap kitnaa naqd waapas lenaa pasand kareN gay" or "Aap kitnii naqd-waapasii pasand kareN/ farmaa'eN/chaaheN gay.

    Lastly, if anyone here was tasked with subtitles what would be your way of translating "we're taking London back" in the most theatrical manner possible. I've offered my attempt in the OP. Would that in the opinion of respected members suffice?