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    The verb farmānā seem to have a variety of uses. Here are two, one from Patras Bukhari(anjâm bakhair) and another from the publisher's introduction to Ibne Safi's novels jild 19:

    اے نیک انسان مجھ ناچیز کو مفتخر فرما
    Ibne Safi ki jasoosi duniya ka behatareen samet "zahreele teer, paani ka dhuaN, laash ka kahkahā aur Doctor Dread" ملاحظہ فرمایئے

    What exactly do the above two mean, and in what other meanings is this verb used?

    once again, thanks in advance.
  2. Alfaaz Senior Member

    As you would already know, farmaanaa is from farmaan and the meaning related to this is listed in both Urdu Lughat and Platts (quoted below):
    In addition to this, (as noted by Platts) farmaanaa is used as an ultra-polite alternative for karnaa...illustrated by your examples.

    ملاحظہ/سماعت/نوش/توجہ/غور/وغیرہ) فرمائیں = (ملاحظہ/سماعت/نوش/توجہ/غور/وغیرہ) کریں)

    There was another thread in the forum where this was discussed and it was suggested that this usage is perhaps grammatically incorrect, yet very common.
  3. Dib Senior Member

    Bengali (India)
    Etymologically, farmānā is Urduization of the Persian verb "farmudan" - to order/say, also used politely instead of "kardan" - to do. In your first example, I think, it is "to call", in the second "to do" (sort of).

    EDIT: oops, didn't notice Alfaaz sahib's post. He has obviously explained it much better.
  4. Gope Senior Member

    Much obliged, Alfaaz Saheb.
    the word مفتخر does not figure in Platt but google translates it as honour. I do not know how reliable google is. But in this case it seems مفتخر farmā means 'honour me' . Is this correct? And how is مفتخر pronounced?
    Thanks in advance.
  5. Gope Senior Member

    Dib Saheb, your explanation complements Alfaaz Saheb's. Thanks for your response.
  6. Alfaaz Senior Member

  7. Gope Senior Member

    Thanks Alfaaz Saheb, for making me aware of online Lughat.
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