Urdu to Persian: غافل نہیں


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Background: The follow couplet is often used as assurance that others haven't (or the task they've assigned hasn't) been forgotten:

گو میں رہا رہینِ ستم ہائے روزگار
لیکن ترے خیال سے غافل نہیں رہا

مرزا غالب


  • How could the couplet be translated into Persian if it is to be included it in letters, conversations, etc. for/with Persian speakers?
    • Also, could forum members suggest Persian couplets that would convey a similar sentiment?
  • I can't think of any exact equivalents but there are some similar couplets which come to my mind like:

    به چشمانت که گرچه دوری از چشم
    دل از یاد تو یکدم نیست خالی
    I swear by your eyes that no matter how far you are from the eyes
    My heart is never empty of you (i.e. you're always in my mind)

    الا ای همنشین دل که یارانت برفت از یاد
    مرا روزی مباد آندم که بی یاد تو بنشینم
    Oh you, my beloved, who have forgotten your friends (lovers)
    God forbid that I ever stay without you in my heart

    A translation attempt:

    گو میں رہا رہینِ ستم ہائے روزگار
    لیکن ترے خیال سے غافل نہیں رہا

    گرچه درگیر بلاهای روزگارم
    اما هرگز تو نمیروی از یادم

    Transliteration in Afghani/Indo-Persian accent:

    garchi dargiir-e balaahay-e ruuzgaram
    amma hargiz tuu namerawii az yaadam