Urdu to Persian: محنت کر، حسد نہ کر


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  • محنت کر/کریں، حسد نہ کر/کریں!
  • حسد نہ کر/کریں، محنت کر/کریں!
  • English translations: Work hard! Don't be envious! or Don't be envious, work hard!
  • What is the origin of this phrase?
  • What would Persian translations be or are there any Persian proverbs conveying the same meaning?
    • سخت کار/محنت کن/کنید، حسد نہ کن/کنید...?
      • Does usage of محنت کردن exist in Persian with the meaning of to labor, toil, work hard, etc.?
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    hi Alfaaz,

    محنت is used in Persian but not in day-to-day speech and in formal writing means سختی, also محنت کشیدن rather than محنت کردن, means 'to endure hardship/to labour' and but not 'to work hard' as an inspiration or policy, unless the context implies it.

    If I were to hear محنت کردن (unlikely though) in a sentence I'd interpret it as 'putting hardship on' someone rather than on oneself.

    I can not think of an equivalent proverb myself but someone might know.
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    PersoLatin: Thanks for the comprehensive answer and please excuse the delayed response in this and other threads! (I was waiting to see if other forum members would contribute anything. However, it seems many forum members are either currently not active in the forum or perhaps did not find the topics to be of interest.)