Urdu: zabaaN vs zubaan

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    "zabaaN' and "zubaaN", I've come across both. Which one is correct or the preferred form?

  2. Treaty Senior Member

    I don't know their usage in Urdu, but I'd like to share the Persian background for it.

    In an Old Persian lexicon by Kent, the root is mentioned as -zb- (zba) in Avestan and Median (meaning tongue). There was no vowel between z and b.
    In MacKenzie's Pahlavi dictionary, two words are listed for tongue: saxwan and uzwān (zuwān). The former is probably related to soxan (speech). The conversion of uzwān to zabān is comparable to urvān (soul) to ravān.
    Now, in official Persian zabān is used (for both language and tongue). However, in Dehkhoda dictionary zubān is also considered correct.
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    Although 'zubaan' is being heard, it ought to be 'zabaan' in my Urdu, never, never 'zubaan'. Chhatr SaaHib, when you find the extant threads on this topic, please attach the links here.
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    Chhaatr Jii, you have asked a number of questions concerning pronunciation of some Urdu words where there is a vowel variation. You would agree that variations in pronunciations are bound to occur bearing in mind the large geographical and ethnic spread of Urdu speakers. In terms of determining what is considered "mustanad" (authoritative/standard), a good dictionary is a valuable source. Farhang-i-Asifiyyah is a very good Urdu/Urdu dictionary. I know, you are possibly just beginning to learn to read and write Urdu and therefore may find this a bit difficult to use. Until you feel more comfortable at using an Urdu-Urdu dictionary, Platts is an excellent source of what the pronunciation ought to be. But, you will still find some words where both possibilities are considered correct. zabaan is one of those words where zubaan is also considered correct.

    I would just like to add one more thing. Please don't take my post in anyway to mean that you should n't ask these kinds of questions on the forum. Of course you are most welcome to ask whatever takes yours fancy. And we will do our best to answer your questions.
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    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
  6. Chhaatr Senior Member

    QP saahib, thank you very much for the link. Thoroughly enjoyed the exchange there! Will look forward to more such links whenever you have time.

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