Urdu: zood hissii or zor hissii?

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  1. iskander e azam Senior Member

    Both زور حسی and زود حشی are found online. They are supposed to mean "hypersensitivity". Is one term a variant of the other. Eg zood hissii gets 1490 hits on google whilst zor hissii only gets 72 hits.

    Anyone have a definitive answer?
  2. marrish

    marrish Senior Member

    اُردو Urdu
    No, these words are not the same. One means ''strongly responding to sensitive factors' and the other one 'quickly....'. The word I would use, with a change of Hissii to Hassaasiyyat because it is a quality, but of course it would depend on the context, besh-Hassaasiyyat. I can't say anything more without knowing the context.
  3. iskander e azam Senior Member

    M saHib,

    Which word means which?
  4. Qureshpor Senior Member

    Punjabi, Urdu پنجابی، اردو
    Without context it is difficult to provide an answer but I think you have "zuud-Hissii" in mind. This literally means "quick-sensitivity". In appropriate context it could mean "quick at being sensitive"/"being over-sensitive"/"being touchy". As I said, it would be better to have context.

    kii mere qatl ke ba3d us ne jafaa se taubah
    haa'e us zuud-pashemaaN kaa pashemaaN honaa


    zuud-pashemaaN = one who is quick to regret

    We have zuud-hazm Ghizaa (quick-digesting food) and of course zuud-faraamosh (quick to forget/forgetful)

    be-Hiss = insensitive
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  5. gagun Senior Member

    Telugu-TS, Deccani-TS
    some words start with "zuud" are
    ﺯﹸﻭﺩﻓﹷﮩﻢ/zood faham
    ﺯﹸﻭﺩﺭﻧﺞ /zoodranj
  6. marrish

    marrish Senior Member

    اُردو Urdu
    zuud-quick(ly), zor-force(fully). There is also a typo in your opening post, shoud be siin instead of shiin.
  7. Faylasoof Senior Member

    Plato's Republic
    English (UK) & Urdu (Luckhnow), Hindi
    All words forming compounds with zud (pronounced this way but written zuud زود) imply speed / quick pace. We also have zuud-tar = faster / quicker, in Urdu - Persian original.

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