US ‘will no longer deal with’ <the> UK Ambassador


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I excerpt it from this site:
Trump says US 'will no longer deal with' UK Ambassador after leaked memos
In this page, there is one more similar to that sentence

UK rushes to repair US relations after email leak brands White House ‘inept’ and ‘divided’

Are these correct grammartically?
How about omiting The before USA in the sentence below when we had THE before UK?
Relations between the UK and USA have soured after the leak of diplomatic cables from the UK's ambassador to the USA
( please click on this link: UK ambassador to US says White House is inept)

In academic essay, can we omit the article "THE" in The US or The UK?
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    News headlines usually omit articles and auxiliaries, and use present tense instead of past. The news story underneath it will use normal grammar. You can't omit articles except in this special situation.
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