us/canadian abbrev : M.A. and M.D.

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  1. Hi everybody ! I'm translating a text by a Canadian author and I found two abbreviations I don't know the meaning of :

    "We respected her because she had an M.A. Those two letters were a qualification - something important like M.D."

    I guess it is some kind of degree, but which one ?

    Could you help me ?
  2. Cracker Jack Senior Member

    If you are referring to an academic degree, then M.A. is Master of Arts. And M.D. is Latin abbreviation (Medicinae Doctor) for Doctor of Medicine.
  3. tepatria Senior Member

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    MA is a Master of Arts degree.
    MD is the degree a doctor gets. We often call doctors MDs for short. I think that is a Doctor of Medicine.
  4. thank you !

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