US says ‘no’ vs US says 'none'

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I don't understand why use "no" here. Why not "none"? None appears to be more an accurate word. I am not sure.

The question of this thread is: Are both "no" and "none" okay here?

Iran claims 80 US troops killed in missile barrage; US says ‘no’

An Iranian regime-run media outlet claimed that more than 80 Americans were killed in an Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps missile strike on US forces in Iraq early Wednesday, the Times of Israel reported.

The US said Wednesday that while damage assessments were still underway, there were no reports of US casualties from the strike.

Source: Fast News Jan 8, 2020 6:16 pm
Iran claims 80 US troops killed in missile barrage; US says 'no' - FAST NEWS
  • anthox

    Senior Member
    English - Northeast US
    Iran: "80 troops were killed in the missile barrage."
    US: "No <they were not>." or "No <that's not true>."

    "None wouldn't make sense here. Even if it referred to number of troops killed, the US would say there were "no troops" killed, and not "none troops" killed.

    Uncle Jack

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    British English
    "None" would be fine as indirect speech, to contrast with the number of casualties Iran claims to have killed, but that would not work on its own in direct speech. "No" on its own is fine, contradicting the other side's statement.
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