Usage of Ali in Interview With The Vampire

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Can anyone explain the usage of "Ali" in excerpt from Interview With The Vampire quoted below: Ali does not seem to be used as a name.

Since the vampire is Cajun, is Ali a Cajun interjection and if so is it still used today?

For a moment the boy only gazed at him and then he started as if awakened from deep thought, and he floundered, as if he could not find the right words. "Ali . he didn't want to be a priest?" the boy asked. The vampire studied him as if trying to discern the meaning of his expression. Then he said:
A longer excerpt can be found here

  • waltern

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    Looking at a the text of the book page using the search/preview feature on, it's a typo (perhaps OCR related) for "Ah".


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    It would seem that someone scanned a copy of the copyrighted (?) work (stole it?) to provide a free version online and used an optical character recognition program to re-create the text - and it had trouble with Ah:(

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