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1. Team Australia leaves Symonds behind
2. Oz leave Symonds behind

Today I noticed these two sentences in one of the leading news papers. The first sentence was on the front page and the other one was at the last page. Could you please tell me the difference between them ?

Also, I would like to know the usage of -s form of words.

I always get confused whether to use "like or likes" , "leave or leaves" etc ..

Thank you
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    Hello phani, and welcome to WordReference :)

    Team Australia leaves ... < This is treating "Team Australia" as a singular noun.
    Oz leave Symonds ... < This is treating "Oz" as a plural noun.

    I can understand your confusion.
    There are very many threads here about collective nouns and whether they should be considered singular or plural. NunT has suggested a good one.


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    Thanks a lot Panjandrum and nun-translator. I am very grateful to you. I have been visiting this forum since one month and it has solved most of my problems.
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