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The author is describing types of workers during the Second Empire. I thought that "take to the streets" meant the wives went on demonstrations on the streets, but I don't understand the connection between this and the fact that they are proud to so support their children... Does it mean the same as "thus"?

"If the wife is not also a sublime, there is permanent conflict with a lot of violent and drunken beatings and brawling. If the wife is a sublime, there is common understanding in the midst of many rows. The wife will “take to the streets” and is proud to so support the children at the expense of the exploiters." - Paris, Capital of Modernity, David Harvey

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    Yes, it can mean go on a demonstration, but it can also mean become a prostitute, which it does here. Oddly, I've never seen the two confused. So 'so' means "by that means, in that way". ('Support the children' tells me which meaning is intended: the one by which she gets money.)
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