use of adjectives vs adjective use

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Hi everybody
I want to know if I can create an adjective with an adverb and a past participle or if I have to postpone that , for example: ALREADY ADOPTED IDEAS or IDEAS ALREADY ADOPTED.

I want to know if It's possible to create an adjetive with a other parts of the speech ,for example proper nouns or more complex part : The Evil tower or a new 24 page book or answers of “Breaking into a man’s world” reading
. Take example for the title too; can I use both sentence or not ?

Thank you very much
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    Hi, andreagr.

    "Already adopted ideas" and "ideas already adopted" are both possible as phrases. So are "use of articles" and "article use".

    It's hard to judge the merits of these phrases if you don't use them in complete sentences. However, it probably doesn't make sense to believe that you are "creating an adjective" if you use one of those phrases.
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