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Okay, I have a question. I am a native English speaker, but I was looking for some help trying to explain something to a native French speaker. She asked me about the use of the word "that" in English because in French, one would say "Je sais que tu es intelligent" but in English you say could say "I know that you are intelligent" or I know you are intelligent" I was wondering if someone can explain the use of the word "that" and why it can be omitted sometimes, so I can help her understand. Thank you.
  • Alaor Santos

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    "That" is a relative pronoun that can refer either to a person or an object.
    A man who/that...
    A chair that...
    "That" as a relative pronoun can always be omitted before names, pronouns and things (John, I, he, the chair etc...)
    I told you (that) the chair was broken...
    I told you (that) he was coming...